Study Abroad In USA

About USA
The education system in America offers the students coming from different parts of the world, the most diverse set of education options in the world. An international student who is privileged to take an advantage of the American education system can pursue subject ranging from nuclear science to film and dance. American education possibilities are almost endless!

The eligibility criteria here in America are such that the students are required to complete 12 years education before attending university or college, either at public schools, or at private schools. This 12 years of schooling (or their equivalent) may be completed in or outside the USA, thus giving foreign students a chance to avail the advantages of the American education system and pursue a quality American education. One of the most attractive facts is that many of the presidents, leaders and prime ministers from other countries have experienced the American education system as they graduated from a university or school in the USA. In many fields and industries, the USA offers the most cutting-edge, sought-after programs at the world's best schools. That is why pursuing course from an accredited American school and experiencing the rigors of the American education system is an investment in your future.

A thorough understanding of the American education system is essential; either student wants to study at a top USA college, top USA university or at a USA ESL, vocational or high school, of works. For an international student, it will surely be difficult to make the right academic choices without a clear knowledge of the American education system. The USA hosts more international students than any other country around the world, a number fast approaching 600,000.


In fact, international students comprise approximately 4% of the total undergraduate US University and US college population, and that of 10% for US graduate school. International students believe that US education would offer them the best preparation to be successful. In fact, International students who study in the US contribute more than $13 billion to the US economy! They leave homes, families and friends in order to pursue their dreams of an education in the US.

The ranking of universities, colleges, schools over here in US is very high when it comes to world rankings, which is one of the reasons to study here. The US offers international students the most rewarding, exciting and comprehensive array of study options worldwide. MIT ,Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Southern California, Julliard, University of California Berkley, West Point etc are all world famous and welcome international students .Moreover, international students successfully completing their US study are highly sought-after by employers worldwide.

If we talk about the cost of American Education, it is high and can add up to tens of thousands of US dollars, but the point to ponder upon is that it is an investment that benefits for the rest of life. Since student is required to prove he has necessary financial resources in order to obtain an international student visa, it is very important to first calculate cost of USA education. There are thousands of students who apply for scholarships for international students and international student loans so in general, it is not easy to obtain an international student scholarship or international student loan since competition amongst applicants is tough.