Study Abroad In United Kingdom

About United Kingdom
People : The majority of the population is English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish. However, Britain is an extremely diverse nation with a strong culture of racial integration and unity.

Religion : Most people are Christian (71%), although all other religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism are freely practised. About 23% of Britain follow no particular religion.

Government : The UK is a constitutional monarchy that is a representative democracy, where Queen Elizabeth II is recognized as the head of state, and the elected Prime Minister – Gordon Brown – is the head of government.

Economic profile : The UK is a leading trading power and a financial centre. Agriculture is an important industry and highly efficient. Primary energy, like coal and oil, are major contributors to the economy, but services like banking and insurance are the greatest contributors.

Currency : Britain’s unit of currency is the Great British Pound (sterling) – GBP. The symbol for the pound sterling is £.

Time Diff : London 4 hrs 30 min behind IST

Climate : Britain has a fairly temperate climate and is sometimes overcast. The weather can vary greatly from day to day, but generally summer (June-August) is a warm 14-25 °C, and winter (December-February) is a cool 1-4 °C.

Why United Kingdom

Why United Kingdom
Modern Learning Environment : Employers want employees who can think effectively, creatively and independently.. UK institutions use a variety of teaching and assessment methods to encourage independence, as well as mastery of the subject. Students are expected to use the information they are given to stimulate their original thinking.

Quality of Education : The education system provides facilities such as international students societies, planned social activities, academic support, and academic counsellors. UK has one of the lowest 'drop out rates.. Its quality is unrivaled throughout the world. Encourages relevant skills that are marketable and sought by today's top companies.

Affordable : Realization of earning potentials sooner. Numerous scholarships and bursaries offered by UK institutions. Almost free health care by National Health Service. Student discount facilities provided free through National Union of Students membership for all students.

Choice : Vast choice of institutions, academics and subjects. Flexible programs. Diverse, stable social environment

Multicultural : Cosmopolitan place to live. Home to numerous ethnic groups and nationalities from around the world. Tolerant, stable society where students learn about diverse range of people.

Duration : Compared to other educational destinations shorter duration programs Undergraduate - 3 years, Postgraduate - 1 year.